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Molly B. l Oakland 
Dr. Helm saw my daughter even though her permanent retainer was installed by another orthodontist years ago.  A couple brackets were loose (the glue had come off), and he reapplied the glue that day as the wires were bothering her.  He charged a very small fee and his office staff was pleasant and efficient-- on the phone and in person!  An Dr. Helm was a very personable orthodontist!  Thank you!

Mary R. l Berkeley 
I highly recommend Dr. Helm's office for all your orthodontic needs. I came here originally to get my braces over 10 years and because I stopped wearing my retainers, my teeth shifted a bit so I came back for a retainer for some adjustments. I recommended Dr. Helm to my sister who also got her braces from Dr. Helm. I've recommended him to several friends (okay, not all the people I associate with have crooked teeth). 

He's an expert and knows how to do the job right. (He told me that it would take 3 adjustments over 6 months to straighten my bottom row of teeth, and didn't quit at 6 months when it was not just right yet. Without charging me more, he continued to make adjustments and scheduled me for future appointments.) He's a perfectionist, which is what you want from someone you're you're paying thousands of dollars to work on your teeth. You can get an early 7:15 am appointment before school or work. They have their operations down to a science. They are efficient and you hardly have to wait past your appointment time. He loves the community and has been around for years for good reasons.

Jennie T. l Berkeley 
Dr. Helm is wonderful.  He keeps working until you are satisfied and always gives an honest opinion.  His staff keep everything running smoothly, and will even send email reminders about appointments.  I have never waited more than 5 minutes, and it is easy to schedule early morning or afternoon appointments.

E.S. l Oakland
I always thought that people need to wear braces for 4-5 years and that's why I never got them until I met Dr. Helm. He explained to me how braces work and that in 2 years I would be able to have healthier and straight teeth! Just in 3 months after I got my braces surprisingly I have already had much straighter teeth, thanks to Dr. Helm! I never knew it can work that well. Of course, I have to finish my 2 years to keep it that way and correct my bite. He always takes time for each patient and never rushes.

His staff are amazing people and very dedicated to patients. It feels like one family is taking care of you! His office is not high-tech but always clean and the great health care you receive there is much more important. I strongly recommend him to do a "smile" job for you!

Claire K. l Piedmont
I highly recommend Dr. Frank Helm as an orthodontist for your kids, teenagers and adults!  Dr. Helm turned both of my kids teeth into gorgeous smiles.  His office is always caring and pleasant and Dr. Helm is a top notch orthodontist. Customer service is excellent.  When my kid's retainer broke on a weekend, he even met up with us after office hours to get it fixed.  He is also very giving back to the community and supports a lot of sports teams and our schools. You will be in great hands with Dr. Helm and results are excellent!

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