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Getting Started

Complimentary Initial Exam

Our examination appointments are scheduled so we can focus on our patient's questions and concerns. If treatment is recommended the next step is to take initial impressions of the upper and lower teeth (aka study models). Extra time is reserved to offer this service at the end of the exam.

Initial Records

In order to completely diagnose and treatment plan, we typically need to attain the following:

1.  Study models of the upper and lower teeth (SMI)

2. Radiographs (x-rays) of the teeth and bony support

3. A profile x-ray (head film or lateral cephalometric) which shows how the upper and lower teeth and jaw bones relate to one another and the rest of the head.

Starting Treatment and what to expect


1. Placement of separators/spacers which are required to make more space between back teeth for banding. (15 min)

2. Putting on the braces (1 - 1.5 hr)

3.  Followup adjustment appointments typically every 4-5 weeks (15 min)


1. An Invisalign impression or scan (30 min)

2. Your case is forwarded to Invisalign for further examination and authorization. In approximately 3 weeks it is returned.

3. Attachments in conjunction with the aligners are usually necessary and placed at the time of the first fitting check appointment. 

4. Followup appointments in 4 - 6 weeks (30 min)


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