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Scheduling time (approx.):

New Patients:

Initial Exam: 45 min.

Study Model Impressions:

  can be made at time of initial exam or...


  scheduled 1 week before a coordinated banding appt.

Initial Banding:

Existing Patients:

Adjustment:​ 15 min.

Arch wire change:

Teeth Cleaning: wire removal 15 min., replacement 15 min.



Emergencies: call the office

Separator falls out

Band/bracket is unattached to wire

Headgear is bent ...

DIY solutions:

Soreness - salt water rinses and/or Tylenol/Ibuprofen.

Loose band/bracket -if attached to wire, leave it. if not, zip lock it and bring the piece with you your new appt. 

Loose wire - use tweezers to return in place or clip short with nail clippers

Poking wire - depress with a spoon/eraser or clip with nail clippers

Lost tie - for only one, wait to let us know at your next appt., more than 1 call us

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